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Are you a plant lover? Do you love gardening and want to use it to connect with nature and add more style, color, and beauty to your home? Then investing in the best plant subscription boxes is a wise decision.

Plant subscription boxes have become so popular lately as more and more people have become interested in plants and gardening in general. You can get your hands on these boxes if you want to get surrounded by indoor gardening plants at home.

You can also buy a plant subscription box and offer it as a gift to a friend or loved one who loves plants and gardening. Note, though, that you have plenty of options for the plant subscription box.


To help you choose, we have compiled some of the best and most popular plant subscription boxes in this article.

Plant Subscription Boxes Defined

A plant subscription box refers to the monthly subscription and delivery of different plants – some of which are perfect for indoors and outdoors – directly to your doorstep. You can get the box monthly or quarterly, especially if you want to start putting your green thumb to good use.

With a quality plant subscription box, beginners can start making an enchanting home garden. Many providers of these plant subscription services even provide plans and programs specifically for users without or who only have little experience caring for plants and greenery.

A plant subscription provider or company serves as a plant curator. They will be the ones that choose the specific plant species that fit the style preferences and skill level of customers. The provider also acts as a resource who shares information about the proper way of caring for each delivered plant upon arrival.

Plant Subscription Boxes Cost and What to Expect from Them

Plant subscriptions range from around $5 per month to around $20 to $60. The plant subscription box cost differs based on the inclusions and the shipment frequency.

There is a high chance for the cost to go up if you prefer to receive new planters, as well as larger plants. The cost will also be higher if you request fast shipping. You can expect each box to contain a plant chosen by the provider or company.

Availing of the plant subscription service also gives you the chance to access the company’s customer service team, who will respond to your concerns about the plants, especially regarding troubleshooting issues. Some subscriptions offer a pot for each shipment, while others charge more if you request planters.

A lot of companies offering these subscriptions also provide discounts for their long-term loyal clients as well as for prepaid subscriptions. Some companies will reduce prices if subscribers prefer to pick up the subscriptions instead of delivering them.

Note, though, that this service that allows pick-up is only available for those in New York. Aside from the ones already mentioned, you can also get those subscriptions that offer additional benefits and gifts.

Some examples are the prizes offered by Succulents Box for those who avail of their prepaid subscriptions and the random accessories and planting tools that Horti offers.

Top 5 Choices for Plant Subscription and House Plant Box

With the numerous choices for plant subscriptions, it is safe to say that there are several choices for all types of people. It gives you access to a plant club that has a plant of the month available for gardeners. You can also go for those that provide seeds and other supplies for outdoor gardening and planting.

You can also access subscriptions filled with new house plants, especially succulents, that can provide you with a few greens indoors. In addition, there are low-light plants, pet-friendly plant subscription options for pet owners, air plants, succulents, gardening tools, new plant arrivals, and some great care instructions for your greens.

One more thing that availing of the plant subscription service can do for you is that you can continue to make them thrive even if you are still a beginner. Every house plant box delivered to your doorstep will give you a new and fresh chance to bring out your gardening skills.

Are you ready to get to know more about these subscriptions? Then there are short reviews of your top choices, which are reasonably priced. The information in each review will help you decide, especially if you are trying to independently research the quality of every plant subscription, which one is the best for you.

#1 – Bloomin’ Bin – Perfect for Gardening Beginners and Experts

The Bloomin’ Bin is one of the best places to start your search if you are looking for a beginner-friendly plant subscription. It also caters to the needs of expert gardeners, which means that the Bloomin’ Bin has everything that anyone fond of gardening needs to either start or continue their interest in this hobby.

With the wide range of classic plant subscription boxes that work for beginners and expert gardeners, you can pick one that fits your fancy. All the boxes from the Bloomin’ Bin also come with in-season seeds based on the month and season.

This plant subscription box provider lets you choose from all flowers, all vegetables, or a combination of flowers and vegetables for the box. Bloomin’ Bin also provides subscription plans at affordable prices. You can avail of their Just Seeds Premium plan, providing you with two to eight packs of seeds.

The Just Seeds premium subscription box also comes with a seed binder, which is useful in holding the laminated care sheets that you can use for every included plant. They also refer to the Basic Bloomin Bin, which will supply you with seeds and soil samples, grow bags, pots, and other containers.

In some cases, you will receive a live plant from this box. The most comprehensive box from the Bloomin’ Bin is the Premium Bin, which will allow you to receive seeds regularly and live plants occasionally. This box also provides you with grow bags, pots, new tools, and gardening projects.



#2 – My Garden Box – Best for the Creative and Crafty Gardener

My Garden Box is an incredible choice if you are one of those who prefer creatively growing and caring for plants. What’s great about this company is that their plant subscription services have projects that everyone, regardless of age, can enjoy.

This means that even a wide range of kids’ ages can be accommodated by at least one gardening subscription box from this company. You will surely fall in love with their crafty garden collections.

My Garden Box also offers DIY boxes that contain all things required for growing plants with the help of pre-portioned materials. There are DIY boxes, so you can creatively build everything you want using the plants included in the subscription, including terrariums and bonsai gardens.

You can make the most out of your green thumb as you can assemble your plant arrangements. In addition to the plants, every subscription box contains potting soil, watering kits, decorative accessories, and plant containers.

While you can only pick one plant box, you will still find it enjoyable as every month, you will be working on a different plant. You are also allowed to choose from the company’s different subscription options. It could be monthly or prepaid between 3, 6, and 12 months.

My Garden Box is now also the new home of the formerly known the Plant Club. As the two great plant subscription box providers merged, you will notice that your options here, especially houseplants and their corresponding supplies and accessories, will become even more extensive and comprehensive.

The Plant Club now in My Garden Box also caters to the needs of all plant owners. It has a box for you regardless if it is your first time owning and caring for a houseplant or you are one of the more seasoned gardeners.

It can cater to the needs and skill level of planters by giving you all the things required to keep your home full of breathtaking greenery.



#3 – Horti – Provides Real Value for Money

Horti is also an incredible choice if you are looking for a plant subscription box provider that caters to a wide range of plant owners, whether beginners and experienced ones or those who are pet parents.

Each subscription will give you a medium-sized plant and a fun and chic planter. You will also receive accessories from time to time. You can get all those at affordable fees per month.

For starters, expect Horti to deliver easy-to-care-for and hardy plants. After a few months of receiving the plant boxes and boosting your confidence in your ability to care for the plants, expect to receive more exotic and complex ones along with detailed plant care tips and instructions.

Another thing that makes your purchase of a Horti plant subscription box worthwhile is that they come with plant insurance options. This can give you peace of mind, knowing there is also protection once you begin growing your plants.

Upon ordering a subscription box, you will have to pick from three choices – beginners or those new to planting, Horti’s pick, and pet-friendly plants. You are also allowed to choose between colorful and plain terracotta clay pots. If you want, you can opt not to get the provided clay pot.

Mainly located in New York, Horti also classifies itself as a matchmaker, pairing people and plants based on their unique lifestyles and requirements. This makes an ongoing subscription to Horti ease the worries of even the most apprehensive plant owners who are still new in this field.

You can tend to your plants more confidently as you get the chance to start with low-maintenance and more common species before progressing to more complex varieties requiring more time and maintenance to care for and grow.



#4 – Succulents Box – Budget-friendly Option

If you are on a budget but interested in having your own plant collection, you can check out the subscription plans offered by the Succulents Box. The plant subscription box cost here is low because it mainly focuses on succulents. You can even avail of a box for only $5.

Despite being low-priced, each succulent box will delight you with its breathtaking collection of air plants and organic succulents capable of brightening your home. The good thing about choosing to go for succulents instead of other plants is that they require little maintenance and upkeep.

They are also very resilient and can survive even longer shipping periods. You will also love the over 300 organic varieties provided by Succulents Box – all of which are low-maintenance and can be availed through its six subscription plans or options.

The Succulents Box offers month-to-month subscription boxes that also contain practical accessories that you can use to keep your succulents. Prepaid subscriptions come with a gift, such as a planter, puzzle, or tote bag during the first shipment.

You have the option to pick from various succulent and air plant combinations as well as their quantities. You can also add a heating pack, which costs around $7 in case your location is in a cold climate.



#5 – Knock! Knock! – Best for Outdoor Gardens

If you are into outdoor gardening, then Knock! Knock! is the best provider of plant subscription boxes for you. The contents of the subscription boxes fit the needs of even seasoned and expert gardeners who experience difficulties making their plants thrive, especially if those do not suit their present location.

The reason is that Knock! Knock! considers your location, offering a couple of seasonal plant arrangements in different seasons, namely summer, fall, and spring. The plants here are also suitable outdoors, allowing you to put them on display on your porch.

One more reason to love Knock! Knock! is that they customize the plants included in the box to suit the climate in your place, as well as the sunlight level – whether it is part sun, full shade, or full sun. That way, the plants will have a high chance of survival.

Knock! Knock! is also the best source of plant subscriptions for you if you prefer plants that you can grow outdoors. You can expect every shipment to supply you with a couple of big plants – those capable of fitting planters that range from around fourteen to sixteen inches.

The box does not come with the planter, though. You will have to buy one on your own. As for the flowers, you will notice that they already come in arrangements placed in the right growing medium. This promotes ease of transfer to the right pot.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best plant subscription box?

The best plant subscription box out there is that which offers straightforward, clear, and high-quality standards when it comes to their individual subscriptions and offers. You will also know that you are dealing with the best if they offer a wide range of plant species of excellent condition that continue to receive positive reviews.

Based on several online reviews and the overall quality of their subscription plans and guidelines, the frontrunner seems to be Horti. This company is the top choice among many customers because its specialty subscriptions seem to meet the requirements of almost everyone.

They have subscriptions for beginners, experienced planters, and pet owners. Their prices are also reasonable, making them fit the needs of those on a budget.

Is there a plant of the month club?

Yes, there is. It refers to a monthly plant subscription, which allows subscribers to receive a new, fun, and exciting addition to their plant collection every month.

How to choose the best plant subscription boxes?

To choose the best one for you out of the many plant subscriptions available right now, you have to consider the specific kinds of plants that suit not only your home but also your present lifestyle. For instance, if you are a pet owner, you may want to choose a subscription offering a pet-friendly box.

These are non-poisonous and non-toxic plants for pets. It would also be a great idea to consider the actual size of your home. Find out what plant type and style can fit in the available size.

Another thing to consider in choosing a subscription box is the level of effort and care you are willing to put in and commit to maintaining and caring for your plants. Considering all these factors, you can pick a subscription box that you will enjoy.


Investing in the best plant subscription boxes can make your love for plants even more exciting. With these plant subscriptions, you can fill your home with color and beauty through the different plants you receive. The lovely plants included in each box also make great gifts to your loved ones.